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The 'Know-It-All'- Quest to Become the Smart Person in the World ...

The 'Know-It-All'Quest to Become the Smart Person in the World .........

If you want to be an Insufferable 'Know-It-All' (No Offense), You better start building a 'Time-Machine'.

Just Joking . I am going to write ... I'm sorry, 
type about being a ... well, kind-of 'Know-It-All'.

5 Tips On being A 'Know-It-All' :

1.Time Management -
Manage your time, but don't be a 'Perfectionist'.
Being a Perfectionist will ruin your life.
Fix times for certain chores/events/hobbies. Keep leisure/breaks as well. If it is a surprise event, don't jump of your chair     and  bang  your  head  against  a wall.    Postpone your Hobbies or cancel them (Decision is left to you !or use your leisure time for the hobbies.

2.Decision -

Decide what is good for you. Now, a small question.

1.Which of these do you prefer if there is an exam tomorrow?

    a.Video Games   
    b.Read for the Examination

    c.Laze Around                                 

The answer is... 
a.Video Games
b.Read for the examination.

Well... That was quite easy...

Here is the real one...

1. You are a Harry Potter-obsessed boy. There are Harry Potter movies today that will play  back-to-back. Tomorrow is the Annual Examination and it is the subject you hate . Your Dad is standing behind you , watching all your movements.     

What will you do?        

a.Watch the movies secretly, without parents knowing.   

b.Watch the movies after getting scoldings and beatings.    

c.Watch the movies whilst reading.    

d. Don't go to school.

Tough Decisions, eh?You may choose 'c', but what's the use of reading without concentration? That's the reason you choose 'd'.

3.Plan -

Dwight.D.Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States once said, "Plans are useless, But planning is everything," but I quite don't agree with him... Why? 'Cause if the plans really are worthless, why should we plan? Planning is actually a part of time management but it is as important as time management itself.
4.Don't Be A 'Perfectionist'

   I'd like to say this... Here we go!

   "Don't become a 'Perfectionist'.Become what YOU are."
   "Being a Perfectionist ruins your life to bits"

5 Reasons you shouldn't be a Perfectionist-
i.Perfectionism saps your energy on inconsequential details, like making sure the formatting is perfect, or getting that last piece of missing info.At the end of the day, ask yourself, “does what I am doing now change my overall conclusion, decision, or recommendation?”  If not,resist the urge to obsess over little details.  It will only waste your time and energy for no good reason, other than a felt need to be perfect — and trust me, that is not a good reason. Perfection does not equal success.  

ii.Perfectionism leaves little time to strategize and prioritize –         There are only 24 hours in a day.  No one gets more time. If you spend too much time on unnecessary details, you won’t have enough mind space to look at the bigger picture.  Strategy, in its essence, is about the willingness to prioritize focusing on a few important things while giving up on the rest.  You cannot do that if you are a perfectionist.

iii.Perfectionism makes you  fault-finding about your team  –      Perfectionists hold unrealistic standards,  and tend to loose at everything from the lens of “what is wrong? What is missing? What could be done better?”  This is not very inspiring to others.  No team member is motivated to work harder or better if you focus too much on what is not perfect about their work.   Everyone has their strengths and developmental needs.  It’s important to always look for the good in people’s abilities, and from there to inspire them to do more.

iv.Perfectionism creates unnecessary stress and worry Just like a perfectionist may be fault finding with others, they will also be too focused on criticizing themselves. This  creates stress and worry that never helps with their overall career progression.   Striving to always be perfect is  a fool’s errand that can only wear you down physically, mentally, and spiritually.  If you are stressed today about work, ask yourself why.  Most stress for overachievers is self-inflicted, based on imagined expectations from unrealistic standards.  Realize this, and free yourself from this unnecessary burden so you can direct 100% of your energy to learning, achieving, and leading!

v.Perfectionism makes you risk-averse  To perfectionists, there are only two outcomes in any situation – success or failure.  This is a self-defeating perspective that will keep you from taking any risks in life or at work.  Leadership and success actually require you to take certain risks and be okay with making mistakes.  Mistakes are not failures — they are just experiences that will help you learn and get to the next level.

{Source - 
Soft Skills – Ask a Wharton MBA}

5.Have Interest in Learning -
To become a kind of Know-It-All, The main thing is to learn. But , beware! If you skip the foundation of your house and build it , there won't be any house! After you are perfect (I am really sorry, but sometimes I too cannot resist being a perfect ) in all of the above aspects, You need to learn until learning learns that you have learnt everything one can learn.

Finally, I thank all of you for reading.

And a Special Thanks to- 
Soft Skills – Ask a Wharton MBA
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