Friday, 28 August 2015

Metals are good conductors of electricity....

We had a science expo in our school. The topic of the project assigned this time was "Metals are good conductors of electricity". To present this,  I  used  a small  heavy battery,  a small bulb and small wires...

I connected one end of each wire to the screws on the base of the light bulb holder.  Free end of one wire to the negative ("-") end of the battery  and  the other wire to the positive ("+") end of the battery are also connected. As battery is an electrochemical cell,  it act as energy source. The  bulb lights up because the conductor completes  the circuit and electricity flows from the battery to the bulb and back to the battery.  

As wires are made  up  of  metals,   electrons  flows  across  the  metal   from  one  wire  to the other. Thus we can conclude that, metallic wire completed the circuit,  the  bulb lights up and hence  are conductors, which conduct electricity....

Though this is the simple experiment, I enjoyed friend Harshada explained her part i.e., "metals are conductors of heat". We did explain other metal properties like lustrous, ductility, malleability and sonorus with examples...

Looking forward to share few more,  as and when I find interesting things...


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