Friday, 30 December 2016

Bat Observation - The steps that I followed to observe and study Bats

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  This time I share with you some info on Bats . Wildlife and Bat-Lovers , Read this blog-post !

My Dad gave me an idea to write this blog... So I thought it was worth sharing ....

Many people consider bats are bad . This is such a misfortune for children that these days they can not see these creatures . Bats are harmless animals but only bite when they are in harm . Considering this , I had a Holiday Homework and even making it a hobby for quite some days ,  I used to go out in the night or the late evenings to a bunch of trees near my home in Tumkur .  I observed and studied them as per the protocols I had made ; -

1 . Keep yourself safe
2 . Please take a flashlight with you
3 . Please accompany to the place with elders [ Above 18 ]
4 . Wear full arm clothes
5 . Do NOT and for any reason get in contact with Bats . They may or may not bite you
6 . Do not go to places such as deep , smelly caves or huge underground caves near waterfalls just to
     study bats
7 . Please make sure you are fully covered .
8 . Don't disturb the Bats , Sometimes to defend themselves , they may drop ' BAT GUANO ' *

BAT GUANO - Bat poop or Bat droppings .

The most important points :-
2There is another danger , but lesser known . People say (and scientifically proven) that Bats
      carry and one that is not as easy to avoid, is histoplasmosis, a disease you can get from   
      exposure to bat guano .
3 .  Most of them say that bats carry Rabies , although it is true , only certain bats carry them .   
      But , be careful . You can never observe bats eye-to-eye !

 These were some of the protocols I followed . IF you guys follow these protocols and observe and study Bats , may it be for your projects or your interest in Bats , you will enjoy it ! 

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